Living by the Spirit, walking in the Spirit.

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  • Who is David?

    20th Jun 2019 by

    David is a born again Kenyan with a passion to serve the Lord and a call to serve Him and His beautiful people through my writing. “ By God’s grace, I write in-depth blog posts and poems to help in equipping saints with sound biblical knowledge, minister to souls, both believers and nonbelievers. Spreading the… Read more

  • Your Confession, Your Possession.

    17th Jul 2019 by

    Your confession your possession.Poor confession precedes obsession.Some people are obsessed with stress because of the wrong things they confessed. Speech should be regulated whereas listening and thinking should be elated.For it is wise to listen more, and speak less. Apostle James wrote in James 1:19 admonishing all brethren(including you and me) to be quick to… Read more

  • God Exists, We Know Him by His Handiwork!

    17th Jul 2019 by

    As far as I know, God exists and there is no place for argument about this truth. No one(in exception of a fool), has a ground to stand on and say that God doesn’t exist. As I was growing up, I used to hear people comfort themselves by saying; “God is there for me”, especially… Read more

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“The just shall by faith, not by sight. Living in the Spirit and walking in the Spirit translates to living by faith, for faith is having hope for the unseen things. Spiritual things are not seen.”

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